Conferences offer the chance for professionals to share their knowledge. This is true especially if a conference takes on an interactive form, for instance with workshops or open space sessions. I've put together a list of conferences that I have attended in the last few years and that I found to be rewarding.


EuroPLoP is the European conference on software patterns. I can be found there every year.

EuroPLoP has been held annually since 1996 in Southern Germany in a former monastery. The quiet setting contributes much to the collaborative atmosphere.

There are no talks and presentations. Rather, participants discuss each others papers and give each other feedback. The contributions are mostly pattern papers documenting observations the authors have made in their practice. Because the feedback will be incorporated in the papers after the conference, the final papers reflect the expertise of many. There are other session formats as well, such as open space. And most importantly: EuroPLoP is always a lot of fun!


Other Conferences

There are a few other conferences that I have attended at least occasionally during the last couple of years and that I have enjoyed.

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